The 3D Printer has been a focus of mine for the last four years. Upon the chance of watching a youtube video of a 3D Printer in action four years ago, I have dedicated myself to the study and research of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

3D Printing is the laying down of successive layers of material, one on top of each other in an additive process from digital file, to create a three dimensional object. Using plastics, metal, ceramics, human cells, graphene , and an increasing number of newly developed materials, the 3d printer is revolutionizing the way in which we humans €śMAKE€ť our world.

The printing giant Hewlett Packard has joined other corporate giants like Autodesk, 3D Systems, Stratasys and iMaterialise in developing ever greater applications for the use of
The 3D Printer.

Now 30 years old, 3D Printing is seeing greatly increased use due to a host of different factors from reduced price points for entry into the space for consumers to increased scope of application to massively more user friendly software and 3D CAD Modeling tools.

Medical uses for The 3D Printer alone are incredible. Surgeons are using the 3d printer to
Create hands on replicas of defective organs as models used in preplanning difficult, dangerous, delicate surgical procedures, greatly enhancing the ability of doctors to save lives.